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Memory Created

Mystery Bag - 3 Jewelry pieces from our shop only for 9.99

Mystery Bag - 3 Jewelry pieces from our shop only for 9.99

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Material: Gold or Silver or Rosegold plated stainless steel;

Items: Jewelry pieces might be new products or slow selling pieces.

Price: only $9.99 for three pieces. Most of them worth at least $15 each.

Size: For ring, you could leave me your size. But I cannot guarantee there would be ring inside your bag. Items only depends on what we have. Ring Only have US 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 sizes.

Please notice that, NO RETURN & REFUND.

Why PVD from Memory Created?

♡ PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating, also known as thin-film coating, is a process in which a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of a part. These coatings are not simply metal layers though. Instead, compound materials are deposited atom by atom, forming a thin, bonded, metal or metal-ceramic surface layer that greatly improves the appearance, durability, and/or function of a part or product.

We're using this PVD coating technology on our jewelry. And this coating will make jewelry last way longer than normal gold plating jewelry. It won't tarnish in water or sweat, also won't turn green.

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